Step one

My gift to you

And lucky for you, the first step is an easy one!

Just fill in the short form below and I will then be able to plug you into what’s called an “MLS Portal”

Basically the Portal is your own personal webpage where you will be able to view any listings that meet the criteria you provide me with.

Keep in mind that it’s automated, so I personally will have nothing much to do with it until you want me too. For now, it will simply notify you (via email) when new properties are listed that match your needs. You can favourite the ones you like, and delete the ones you don’t – nothing high tech – but extremely useful none the less.

Why is this so useful?

Because the Portal is run through the same MLS that I use as a Realtor, and therefore it’s completely reliable, and up to date at all times. Websites such as Realtor.ca (or even my own website for that matter) are often delayed with their updates, and by relying on them you run the risk of a listing selling before you even know it exists. Needless to say – that is a MASSIVE disadvantage in fast moving markets such as the one we are blessed with here, on our beloved Island.

Below is all the information I’ll need to get you set up:

Buyer Form

Buyer Form